[Cdt-l] Re-route north of Cumbres Pass

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 15:41:48 CDT 2008

For any thru-hikers or others who may be hiking in the San Juans, I have heard from a fellow hiker who just recently did (or tried to do) the section north from Cumbres Pass to Wolf Creek Pass, there is a severe blowdown situation such that the Forest Service has posted the trail as "closed."  These folks attempted to go through and reported to me that it was truly horrible. They eventually turned back. Heading south, they could see a re-route posted (the re-route was not posted at Cumbres Pass at the time).

I'm trying to find out the exact re-route from the rangers. Have to call back on Monday to speak to the fellow who knows. I will be out there doing that section, leaving on Thursday and can report conditions back for any southbounders who planned to do the San Juan route.

Still trying to find a shuttle from Gunnison Airport to Lake City on 8/21. 


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