[Cdt-l] Google Earth "sun feature"

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Wed Dec 10 00:02:37 CST 2008

Thanks for the tip... I wasn't aware of this, but downloaded it, and it 
appears to work fine for me. And it is spectacular!
I'm curious if the stars in the sky are actual stars, or just 
decoration... it'd be neat to see the planets and stars... and the moon 
in their proper locations... and also if you could pick any day in 
history or the future... This would be like an ultimate ephemeris. (it'd 
be particularly neat to look at some solar eclipses...) I'll bet it's in 
the works...

Also, is the "google sky" new? I hadn't seen that before. Basically, it 
does to the universe what Google Earth does to the earth... a zoomable, 
seamless map of the stars... very cool. If I was more into astronomy, 
I'd be wetting myself right now.


Brett wrote:
> Calling all Google Earth users...
> Has anyone else using the latest version of Google Earth (4.3) run 
> into difficulty using the sun and shadows feature? Specifically, the 
> program correctly displays shadows on terrain features based on the 
> sun's time-of-day position in the sky, but the sky itself remains the 
> uniform shade of blue one normally sees in all versions of the 
> program. That is, the sun itself doesn't display or move through the 
> sky, nor does "night fall" overhead. These are touted features of the 
> latest software version, as seen on the Demo video. And they look 
> spectacular, too, but no luck here.
> I suspect it may be a graphics card incompatibility in my case, or at 
> least that's what little I've been able to unearth on this issue so 
> far. Whatever the cause, it does seem to be a common problem among users.
> - blisterfree
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