[Cdt-l] PCT vs. CDT - some questions

DeniseH42 at aol.com DeniseH42 at aol.com
Fri Dec 12 12:24:00 CST 2008

Dear Frank~
   I have hiked the PCT in 2006, 2007, and in 2008.  Most of  my miles were 
accomplished in 2007 and to avoid the herd, I began before the  herd and stayed 
about two weeks ahead of them.  The PCT is a beautiful  trail and one that I 
hope you choose to hike one day. I plan to hike the CDT  this spring so I 
cannot compare its beauty to the PCT. But to me, it's all  beautiful...even the 
gray days although they can get annoying if they linger. I  suppose if you hike 
in the herd, one might not require a map on the PCT, but I  certainly required 
one.  A hiker can also choose to go other routes on the  PCT. Remember, it's 
your hike to hike in any way that you decide.  If you  choose to hike the CDT 
this spring, I do hope that we have the opportunity to  meet.
The PCT and the CDT are vast wilderness trails.  Enjoy the beauty of  both.
CDT '09
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