[Cdt-l] PCT vs. CDT - some questions

Patrick meta474 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 13:20:35 CST 2008

Your thru-hike, on any trail, will be what you make it.

The CDT is the more remote trail, but if you want to be alone on the  
PCT it is very easy to be alone. The thing about walking is even if  
someone is only two miles behind you, and someone is two miles ahead  
of you, you may never know it. I went alone for over a week in  
northern washington, even though it turned out (when I started back  
southbound) there were about six or seven people within five miles  
behind me.

On Dec 12, 2008, at 5:19 AM, Roger Nussbaumer wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I guess many CDT hikers on this list have done either the AT or PCT  
> before. That’s why I come up here with my questions. I have been  
> planning to do the PCT in 09 for several months now, but some weeks  
> ago I was beginning to lose a part of my eagerness, because, mainly,  
> I heard of the CDT. After some researches I think the CDT is the  
> more “extreme” and remote of the two. I also got disappointed when I  
> subscribed to the PCT-L and read discussions about the “herd” and  
> the masses who hike the PCT. For me, it makes the adventure less  
> special and attractive when so many do the same thing as I do and  
> it’s just not what I expect from a trip in the wilderness (I hope  
> you get the point here …).  There are other facts that make the CDT  
> more attractive for me, for example more freedom in choosing the  
> route (I think for the PCT you don’t even need maps) and I even read  
> from a thru-hiker that the landscape/ nature is more beautiful on  
> the CDT (what personally surprised me a bit…). Coming to my questions:
> Which trail is more worth to thru-hike in your opinion?
> Am I wrong with all my concerns about the PCT? Is it really crowded  
> on the PCT when starting in late April? Which of the two trails has  
> more rewarding landscape/ nature? What kind of trails can I expect  
> on the CDT (percentage of small hiking trails, bushwhacking, jeep  
> roads, roads and in comparison to the trails on the PCT)?
> Is it the right choice to start thru-hiking the CDT, not having done  
> other thru-hikes before (my longest was two weeks through the Swiss  
> Alps…)?
> I hope you can help me a bit in choosing the “right” trail for me. I  
> know that’s not possible, but hearing different opinions about this  
> subject can’t harm. Actually I don’t think I can go wrong with any  
> of the two trails, but I’d like to know what to expect in case I  
> would go for the CDT. Thanks in advance for your answers!
> Greetings from Switzerland,
> Roger (ronussbaumer at hotmail.com)
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