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My hiking partner Eric and I couldn't find Sam when we were trying to get to
Crazy Cook last spring, but we did find another local to take us out there.
Apparently Sam herd we were out there and went looking for us and to cache
us some water.  When we made it back to Hachita he found us and we ended up
spending a few days with him.  Unfortunately, I cant find his phone # now,
but I would suggest looking up the Hachita PO phone #, they should be able
to give you Sam's #.  If you get a hold of him, please tell him Mike and
Eric said hi.  Good luck with your hike!

Mike aka Strix

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:00 PM, Kevin & Gloria <spkbeam at comcast.net> wrote:

>  Hello all, I was just getting ready to send this when I read my email and
> saw about the same ? from another hiker. I get the digest style delivery so
> I am a little behind. Long time off and on lurker on the cdt-l.  I would
> like to thank all of you that have been answering questions and helping on
> planning the CDT. Some of you I have seen at ALDHA a few times. Got a lot of
>  good information over the years. Planning for now to do a NOBO hike. My
> question is I have seen Sam Hughes in Hachita as someone that gives rides to
> the official trial head or Antelope wells. There does not seem to be much
> reference of him very often or in peoples trail journals. I thought before I
> start bothering him who out have used him? I thought I read or heard he has
> a sick wife and that restricts what shutting he can do. How far/ to what
> city will he pick up someone, ect, and ect? I see no problems  flying into
> El Paso then a shuttle or bus to Deming maybe Lordsburg.
> Thanks,  Special K aka.  K man or K
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