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stumpknocker stumpknocker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:56:44 CST 2008

Hello Melanie,

I am also a newbe to the GPS.  I had a Loran on my boat, back in the 80's,
but that was my only experience with one.  I got a Garmin Vista HCx a couple
weeks ago and there is a BIG learning curve.

I mess around with it at night and keep finding new features and getting
acquainted with what the thing can do.  I've been taking it on snowshoe
trips and that helps, but I actually have learned more just playing with the
HCx at home.

I imagine it will start coming together better for me out in the field now
that I know which buttons to use for the feature I'm looking for.

Guess what I'm trying to say...if you don't have any experience with one of
those buggers, plan on it taking some time to get handy with it.

I also put a 4GB memory card in it and loaded the topo maps for the states
along the CDT and for VT since this is where I'm using it now.

Gotta say I'm starting to like the thing.  Took it out on a snowshoe the
other day and I got my bearings on it and took off on a couple mile loop off
trail and new what I had to do to get back.  That was fun because I walked
the contour and didn't have much climbing involved.

Have fun and maybe I'll see you on the CDT this year.  :-)

-_-_-_-_  _~o
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-_-_- _(_)/  (_)   Stumpknocker
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