[Cdt-l] CDT maps - 2008

ToeK toek at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 8 13:25:58 CST 2008

Jonathan ley CDT maps are also available for the school of 2008!

I (WE) used them last year on our CDT thru-hike and they saved my ass! We
loved them and we hated them, (ask Lint and Jug about the do-able
alternative purple routes .!). I looked at them for day's, for weeks and for
month's. I was spelling some of the remarks and I can't explain what they
mend to me in some circumstances. believe me Jonathan. Your maps are
brilliant! Your project is GOOD!


P.S. For EVERY thru-hiker planning next year, The "Jonathan Ley" maps are
your friend. Get .. them, print them and (for sure) enjoy them! (Read this
post next year again and you will understand).

ToeK (school 0f 2007)

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