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Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 14:53:18 CST 2008

Another note to upcoming hikers about the Ley maps:
  Don't kill yourself trying to print them on 11x17" paper......I tried for weeks to find a printer capable of printing on the larger size paper, thinking I just HAD to have them that way.  If you are able to find a bigger printer, wonderful.  The maps are a bit easier to read on bigger paper.  
  But if you have trouble (and those big printers are not common), do not fret or panic.  I ended up with your standard 8.5" x 11" color printouts for Ley's maps and had no problems reading the maps in the field.  In fact, I don't think that, next time, I will spend the money to print them on the heavy-duty paper.  It was a nice-to-have but you go through the maps so fast (two per day or more sometimes) that it doesn't matter that the paper is not going to hold up long term.  And the heavier paper is.....well, heavier.  And sometimes you have quite a pile of Ley maps (in addition to all the other paper maps you need), so it does add up to be significant weight addition to have the heavier paper.  
  One benefit for journalists who use paper & pen is that you can do away with a traditional journal and just use the back of your Ley maps (unless you print them two-sided) for journaling.  
  One more thing:  ALWAYS carry a Ziploc bag expressly for your maps.  If you don't, they WILL get wet, and then you'll be up a creek with running ink and you won't know what creek you are up (and that's the day your GPS runs out of batteries).

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