[Cdt-l] Google Earth bug - anyone?

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 17:56:56 CST 2008

Has anyone else experienced the following phenomenon with newer versions 
of Google Earth:

CDT, PCT, and other kml files of the long trails, when loaded into GE, 
don't actually display a trail line at the initial full-trail zoom 
level, and only appear (incrementally) when zooming in. Up close, all is 
well, but it's difficult to pinpoint specific portions of the trail to 
zoom into when there's initially nothing to go on.

The problem only began when I updated from an earlier version of GE. Any 
ideas? Here's my current version info:

Google Earth
4.1.7087.5048 (beta)
Build Date
May 24 2007
Build Time
DirectX 8
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 0)
Video Driver
00008086 (00007.00014.00010.01322)
Max Texture Size

License Key

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