[Cdt-l] Cell Phone/GPS Question

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Fri Feb 22 20:07:35 CST 2008

I think Colorado is more of the exception, as there are more towns along 
the way, and more time above treeline where you have a clear shot to 
them... In general, you might pick up reception when you're nearing 
roads, or on some random mountaintops here & there if there happens to 
be a town in a valley below, but It's not something I'd count on for 
safety purposes. Still, the phone could come in handy when you're "in 
town" or stuck on some road having trouble hitching... and for safety 
purposes, it might help you a bit - you'd only have to "reach a coverage 
area" to get help, instead of actually reaching a person. Where exactly 
that coverage area "is" however might take a bit of luck & guesswork...


Patrick Beggan wrote:
> I have not thru-hiked, I can only speak for a couple hundred mile  
> stretch in Colorado (Grand Lake to Berthoud Pass) but I got great  
> service with my iPhone, and often. Almost any time I was above the  
> treeline, actually, and often at the crest of hills or mountains still  
> below the treeline. Even though there aren't that many cities near the  
> trail -- Must just be some kind of radio reflection from the  
> mountains, or that there was so little to interfere once you were  
> above the treeline.
> On Feb 22, 2008, at 10:22 AM, shane wohlken wrote:
>> Here is a question for all you CDT veterans, how
>> easy is it to pull a cell phone signal on the
>> trail?  Is it worth the weight to carry a phone?
>> Also, are there carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Moble,
>> etc.) that have better coverage than others?
>> Suggestions for a specific phone?
>> Also, any thoughts on the advantages carrying a
>> GPS unit?  Again, would it be worth the weight,
>> or would a good map and compass be enough to fit
>> the bill?
>> Thanks,
>> Shane "The Gimp"
>> PCT '05, AT '07, CDT '09
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