[Cdt-l] Antelope wells route

joseph beals bealsjw at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 19:03:58 CST 2008

Does the Antelope wells route stray from the road
walking? I don't have the maps right now, they are
being printed and I want to move forward with my prep.
 So I appreciate the help I am getting.  Another
questin I have; does anyone remember any spots where I
could buy protein powder and stuff like that along the
way.  I had a dietician make me a plan for long
distance backpacking in hopes of quelling the appetite
and cravings.  Anyway that last doesn't matter much. 
My buddy was talking about shoulder deep powder in
telluride ski area, so I hope bob (the sun) is on my
side for this summer.  Thanks  -Joe

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