[Cdt-l] GPS on the CDT

clint at riseup.net clint at riseup.net
Sat Feb 23 23:05:13 CST 2008


As a luddite by ignorant default, I was hesitant to take a GPS on my CDT
thru, but holy crap was it useful! When I got "misplaced" I was able to
pinpoint exactly where I was on Ley's maps and orient myself accordingly.
A GPS is NOT a replacement for good map and compass skills, it is merely a
good backup. I carried one, and used the same batteries the whole way
through, so obviously didn't use it much. But those times I did use it... 
I sure was glad to have it!

I'm not proud of my decision to rely on the safety (or illusion of it)
that a GPS provided. It was just another tool. We need to have the skills
to navigate without assistance in the backcountry- period. The reassurance
of the 'magic box' is a comforting feeling though! It saved me a lot of
headaches which were much better gained from excessive alcohol

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