[Cdt-l] GPS on the CDT

Doug Carlson doug-sue71 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 24 07:41:53 CST 2008

I used a GPS on my Mont section hike. I laid out a route using Ley's and 
Delorme topo maps and loaded the route into my GPS and was able to follow it 
precisely, sometimes marking my own route where there was no trail.  The 
beauty of using the GPS is that there is no wasted or lost time.  The only 
thing I could not find was Latham springs east of Mack's Inn.  Heading west 
from Mack's Inn it was easy following the Mack's inn cut off up to the 

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>I would have to say that anyone able to use a Gps in
> conjuntion with the Ley maps and navigate is probably
> capable of navigating without it just fine.  That
> being said, I am carrying one this summer on my hike.
> I plan to mail it home if I am not using it though.
> If I carry it i won't need it!  -Joe
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