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Dillon is where mail sent  to Copper Mountain was being redirected when they closed the post office there - maybe that's why some use Dillon.  A lot of people, especially CT hikers, used to use the PO in Copper.  I'm not sure where the PO is in Dillon. The PO in Silverthorne is right next to the bus center. Free buses go to Copper Mtn., Breckenridge, Frisco and Dillon out of Silverthorne.  There is a hostel in Silverthorne and several cheap motels in Dillon. There is a good grocery and an outfitter in Dillon.  Dillon is right next to Silverthorne.  We stayed at a Super 8 in Dillon (visible from the trail when heading north) and it was a 5 minute bus ride (1 or 2 miles) to Silverthorne and about a 1/2 mile walk to the grocery and outfitter in Dillon.  Because there is a good grocery in Dillon, I'd skip doing a maildrop there.

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1.The trail goes through Silverthorne, but my sources all have Dillon as the post office to use.  Why?
2. If send a maildrop to Brooks Lake Lodge, will they let me use their phone to make my Yellowstone camping reservations?
3.Doc Campbells - is it HC68 PO Box 80 or Route ll PO Box 80.  Seen it both ways.?
I'm sure my questions will continue.  Thanks all who will reply.  Cicely

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