[Cdt-l] Lordsburg to Silver City route question

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Tue Feb 26 01:06:32 CST 2008

 John Allen wrote:> > I am laying out my route from CC monument to Silver City for a section hike in early May. I just received the Johnathan Ley CDT 2008 CD which has, by the way, some vast improvements in the maps. I also have looked at the route for southern New Mexico at the spiriteaglehome.com web site. I see the Spiriteagle route north of Lordsburg goes off the highway at some point and heads east toward the mouth of Engineer Canyon. I thought the Spiriteagle route was a route that had been worked out with the help of the BLM and did not have any private property issues.> > J Ley in his 2008 maps shows a different route, mostly road walking to the mouth of Engineer Canyon. He mentions some property issues regarding that area from the highway to the mouth of Engineer Canyon. Can anyone shed some light on the route north of Lordsburg?  What's on the website isn't "our" route - it's the BLM route that, at least in 2006, had no private property issues because the "trail" was entirely either roadwalk or on BLM land from Silver City up to the edge of the Gila NF.  If you leave the road too soon there might be an issue - there is some private land in that area.  That's the reason for the roadwalk out of town.  It's also why we recommend using the BLM Land Management maps - so you can avoid the "private land/trespassing" issue.  The route on the maps zigzags precisely to avoid private property.  By paying attention to the maps (and not just going in a straight line) you don't trespass.  Haven't seen Jonathon's 2008 maps, so I can't comment on that.   The BLM route we followed ended at Engineer Canyon.  It was easy enough to look at the NF map and create a route out to the highway, but the NF may have designated a route from Engineer Canyon to Burro Peak (or even to Silver City) in the past two years.  Since there was new trail being built south of Burro Peak in 2006 (we met the trail crew) it would be worthwhile to find out how much new trail has been constructed.  It would be very nice to avoid the roadwalk into Silver City if possible.   Walk softly,Jimhttp://www.spiriteaglehome.com/
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