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Congratulations!  Time to start shopping for a llama or two?  Cindy Ross proved that you don't have to stop hiking just because the baby can't walk. <VBG>

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For all those I have met and corresponded with over the last year-and-a-half -- both on and off the trail.......
I wanted to report that I had my little girl on February 17, 2008.  My husband, Bald Eagle, and I found out she was on the way in Augusta, Montana, shortly into our '07 southbound thru-hike.  So, she was named Madeleine Augusta in remembrance of the place where one dream ended (our thru-hike of the CDT) and another more amazing one began.  Not to mention that the residents of Augusta went so out of their way to offer us help that I thought we were on some sort of undercover gag show or something.....total strangers who loaned us their vehicles and such.  That town is really special.
I like to think Maddie is the youngest person to ever make it through Glacier and the Bob.  Unfortunately, last year's early heat wave combined with my fatigue made it impossible for me to continue past Lincoln.  So, I hope to get back out there and finish the CDT in the future.  In a way, it's good to have one still left so that we have that to perpetuate the dream of unknown bends in long, long trails.
To all the those who have encouraged and supported us along our short but sweet CDT experience, thank you!
AT'98, PCT'04

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