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> does anyone here know of any other dogs that have thruhiked the CDT? 


In our multi-section hike of the CDT, my wife and I hiked 1,000 miles with
our dog.  As a result, much as I wanted to do it initially, I would not do
it again.  If you want, I can send you off-list a previous answer on the
same issue I sent someone on PCT-L.


Dr Bob


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Hi All,
My name's Michael Cravens and I'm from St. Louis, MO.  I have only posted
one other time here previously so I'm sure most won't recognize me; still, I
would be grateful for a bit of advice.  A friend and I are planning a CDT
northbound thruhike for this year and I have a couple of questions.  First,
is it unreasonable to plan on starting the first of April and taking our
time getting through New Mexico? Secondly, I'm aware that Justin Lichter was
accompanied by his dog on the trail, and I plan on trying to get in touch
with him, but does anyone here know of any other dogs that have thruhiked
the CDT? 
Thanks very much,
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