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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Mon Jan 7 14:45:57 CST 2008

I filled-out the form... and just thought I'd share some of my thoughts 
with the CDT-L for fun... :-).

1. In your opinion, what purpose should the Southern Terminus serve?
The terminus is basically "in the middle of nowhere", and I think it 
will primarily be visited by people who are interested in hiking large 
sections of the trail, and other people who are already aware of the 
CDT. As such, I think it should primarily serve that audience.

2. What features should be included at the Southern Terminus site?
If I had to design it, it'd consist of a giant brushed stainless steel / 
stenciled CDT "triangle emblem", probably about 6-8 feet across, and 
elevated on a post about 20 feet from the ground. Given the landscape in 
the area, this would be visible for miles... I'd add a small metal box 
to the back for a trail register.

3. What important environmental, cultural, or historical aspects should 
be incorporated in the site?
I think it should only be just about the trail itself. While these other 
things are important, there are plenty of other monuments, exhibits, 
etc. about them. Adding "other things" to the terminus marker would 
detract from focus on the trail.

7. What should be included in information provided at the site?
Just the trail register, and maybe a small inscription/message to 
indicate "Southern Terminus of the Continental Divide Trail" with a 
brief description of the trail. This should be small and not detract 
from the terminus structure itself.

Josh Shusko wrote:
>   CDT Southern Terminus Project
> /What would you like to see at the southern end of the CDT?/
> The Continental Divide Trail Alliance is designing the site for the 
> Southern Terminus for the CDNST at the New Mexico -- Mexico border in 
> cooperation with our agency partners (BLM, USFS, NPS). The Northern 
> Terminus for the CDNST, located in Glacier Waterton International 
> Peace Park on the Canada -- Montana border is marked with a single 
> concrete pillar. In designing the landmark for the Southern Terminus, 
> we are providing an opportunity for our many important stakeholders 
> who may have thoughts or ideas about this site to be involved in this 
> process.
> Provide your input as CDTA and the federal land managers work together 
> to design the Southern Terminus of the Continental Divide Trail. By 
> involving key stakeholders, volunteers and Trail supporters in this 
> effort, we hope to create a fitting symbol for this national treasure 
> and for the epic journey it represents. All work is slated for 
> completion by the end of 2008.
> Take the brief survey here: 
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=l7rEOhCjyCFvTlN7NzQzug_3d_3d
> Please complete this survey by *January 21st, 2008* so we can start 
> the design and construction phases of this project.
> Please forward this survey to others who may be interested.
> /Check back to this page for updates on the project: 
> /http://www.cdtrail.org/page.php?pname=news/terminus
> Thanks,
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