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I pretty much agreed with you, Jonathan. Except my suggested monument  
was smaller. :P

On Jan 7, 2008, at 3:45 PM, Jonathan Ley wrote:

> I filled-out the form... and just thought I'd share some of my  
> thoughts with the CDT-L for fun... :-).
> -Jonathan
> 1. In your opinion, what purpose should the Southern Terminus serve?
> The terminus is basically "in the middle of nowhere", and I think it  
> will primarily be visited by people who are interested in hiking  
> large sections of the trail, and other people who are already aware  
> of the CDT. As such, I think it should primarily serve that audience.
> 2. What features should be included at the Southern Terminus site?
> If I had to design it, it'd consist of a giant brushed stainless  
> steel / stenciled CDT "triangle emblem", probably about 6-8 feet  
> across, and elevated on a post about 20 feet from the ground. Given  
> the landscape in the area, this would be visible for miles... I'd  
> add a small metal box to the back for a trail register.
> 3. What important environmental, cultural, or historical aspects  
> should be incorporated in the site?
> I think it should only be just about the trail itself. While these  
> other things are important, there are plenty of other monuments,  
> exhibits, etc. about them. Adding "other things" to the terminus  
> marker would detract from focus on the trail.
> 7. What should be included in information provided at the site?
> Just the trail register, and maybe a small inscription/message to  
> indicate "Southern Terminus of the Continental Divide Trail" with a  
> brief description of the trail. This should be small and not detract  
> from the terminus structure itself.
> Josh Shusko wrote:
>> CDT Southern Terminus Project
>> What would you like to see at the southern end of the CDT?
>> The Continental Divide Trail Alliance is designing the site for the  
>> Southern Terminus for the CDNST at the New Mexico – Mexico border  
>> in cooperation with our agency partners (BLM, USFS, NPS). The  
>> Northern Terminus for the CDNST, located in Glacier Waterton  
>> International Peace Park on the Canada – Montana border is marked  
>> with a single concrete pillar. In designing the landmark for the  
>> Southern Terminus, we are providing an opportunity for our many  
>> important stakeholders who may have thoughts or ideas about this  
>> site to be involved in this process.
>> Provide your input as CDTA and the federal land managers work  
>> together to design the Southern Terminus of the Continental Divide  
>> Trail. By involving key stakeholders, volunteers and Trail  
>> supporters in this effort, we hope to create a fitting symbol for  
>> this national treasure and for the epic journey it represents. All  
>> work is slated for completion by the end of 2008.
>> Take the brief survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=l7rEOhCjyCFvTlN7NzQzug_3d_3d
>> Please complete this survey by January 21st, 2008 so we can start  
>> the design and construction phases of this project.
>> Please forward this survey to others who may be interested.
>> Check back to this page for updates on the project: http://www.cdtrail.org/page.php?pname=news/terminus
>> Thanks,
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