[Cdt-l] Savant's 2005 CDT Film

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Tue Jan 8 11:38:53 CST 2008

Hikers -

What kind of interest is there in attaining Savant's 2005 CDT film on
DVD?  I recently received a request for a copy of it and figured if I
was going to make one I might as well make a few.  Who doesn't have
the film but would like to see it?  If you're not familiar with it,
you can read my review here:  http://tinyurl.com/24l55u

If you like the review you should also look into acquiring yourself a
copy of Lawton "Disco" Grinter's film "The Walkumentary" (a film I've
watched twice and [sorry but I'm lazy, Disco!!!] reluctantly haven't
reviewed yet). This film is available here:


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