[Cdt-l] How many 2006 CDT Hikers attempted thru-hike

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There were 50 or so who intended to hike the trail.  I had a list going before we started  I've updated it a bit, with status as far as I knew it.  Those we met on the trail are added in. Some people said they were going to start but we never met them or heard from them so I have no idea what happened to them.  Others who hiked are probably not on the list. But this is the 2006 list as of April 1, 2006.
2006 Hikers (List made prehike)
Heading North:Jim and Ginny – northbound - finishedSpur and Ready –  FinishedWetdog – northbound ?Liz Mares – La Zorra - lazorrasquest.com. Didn’t finishCorinne/Blister Sister – North - FinishedSalamander – NB – I think she got off in Montana?Packrat – NB finishedHomebrew – NB - finishedDavid/Id, Cara/Ester and Lindsay/Poly and Laurel – northbound – Didn’t Finish
Chuckwagon and GI Jane – Stopped in MontanaMat (Laundry Mat) and Kalyn and Arturo and Adam (Magnum) – NB Arturo Didn’t finish, the others didGreyhound – flip?Friendly Bear – NB ?Andiamo/Walt and Pad Radney – north Didn’t finish – Pat was support to the Amigos groupTin Cup - Richard Hitz- finishedFloater - Bob Clausen - finishedJust Mike - Mike McHallic - finishedMountain House - Pat O'Connor - finishedSidewinder/FJ - finishedAlistair & Gail – skipped part of ColoradoPhil Lund/Zigzagger - ?
Stacy /Simply Seeking -  finished?
Five Gallon and Thermo - Finished----------  South:Mags –- finishedTrauma – Triple Crown one year hike - finished
Heather – SB ?Pepper PA – SB from GDT ?Pi – SB - FinishedJoe McMurray aka Bankrobber –?Felicia/Princess of Darkness and Lawton/Disco - finishedSkittles/Richard Larson - finished
Osprey – Triple Crown attempt – Didn’t FinishLeprechaun and Laura – SB ?Nacho with PepperPA ?Tradja/John Drollette, Jessica Drollette, and Neil Parcell – I think Tradja and Jessica finished. I don't think Neil did
Rusted Root and Ahab ?
Matti aka Speedo - finished
Lisa/Lovebarge - finished?
Pineneedle - ?----------  Direction Unknown:Joe Bob/Flatlander ?Andy McKenrick and Donna Scheitrum - ?-----------  Horseback:Pinetree and Santa Fe Jack on horseback – Never started? Possibles:Trainwreck/Stephanie White ?? Didn’t StartNacho - maybeHossier – maybe - ?Tha Wookie – - No? Long Sections:Mara – New Mexico Hiked to the Gila
Mother Nature's Son - John Calhoun (southbound from Glacier) Did New MexioRedDoug - section in S. Montana
NonaMads & Trine - Section in ColoradoGrease Pot and Garlic Man - ColoradoLawrence Beals /Bear – Maybe a long section ?Fred – section ColoradoKyhipo –sectionTim Hogeboom – sectionCupcake – section Colo/NM – Hiked ColoradoAlex/Hikerbiker – section – completion of 1992 hikeHeath & Lindsay Stephens ½ the trail – NBTravelin' Man - George Roach (NM then PCT )

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CDT Hikers,Does anybody know how many northbounders and southbounders attempting the CDT in 2006?  Some friends of mine asked me that question and I could only provide a GUESS.  If someone has a clearer answer that would be great.  Walk Safe,Carolina Cruiser

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