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Fri Jan 11 13:37:51 CST 2008

 A)  Awhile back, David Horton posted a 6/7/8 start date.  Is that for a fast NOBO? Supported?  Do you have any info on your web site?  Are you the David Horton that was taking care of Billy Simpson when I was in VA in April?  I beat Woodstock to Katahdin because I flew up for a sobo.  He beat my pack, because I flew USAir.  Sorry I didn't run into him. Warning, non sequitur coming up.   B)  I would like to hike this year and would consider NOBO or SOBO.  However, a flip flop seems to have some advantages, particularly in a high snow year.  Another small alternative motive, I would like to reach Rawlins sometime in the first 7 days in August.   I could start at Mexico and hike as close to the snowy CO mountains as possible.  I would plan to flip to Rawlins and start hiking north late enough to avoid the worst of the snow in the Winds.  Then I could go back to Rawlins, probably early August, and hike south.  Of course, I could skip the nobo segment from Mexico and just hike further south into the Fall.  I could also hike the last segment NOBO (all NOBO flip).1)  Are there any good places in northern NM to get a shuttle or a bus up to Rawlins?  The only bus I can find goes through Grants, NM.  It looks like a long hitch (and bus) from Chama to Durango.  2)  How early can I start at Rawlins relative to the Postholer Sierra Entry Date?  Say June 15 for KM equals June 1 for Rawlins?3)  Any other suggestions for itinerary or logistics?  (Zero points for fighting snow to Wolf Creek Pass and taking the discontinued bus service to Denver.)  
4)  How should I estimate the Rawlins to Canada time?  e.g. if it is pretty close to half way it would be 10 weeks of a 20 week hike.  So, I would want to leave Rawlins before Memorial Day to get back by 8/7. 
5)  Any information, or links to information about getting to and from the termini.  ...or just about any links to useful information, particularly information on updates.  
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