[Cdt-l] Sleeping temps, footwear advice

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 16:01:43 CST 2008

Hey Bruce,

First, welcome! Good luck on your upcoming journey! 

Looks like no one took a stab at your question. I'll do my best to answer. Keep in mind I went SoBo, but I am a CO resident.

Perhaps those who went NoBo could add more info?

re: sleeping bag

In any case, even in New Mexico, you are in the high desert. The nights will probably be cool. I suggest one standard three-season bag (15F or 20F, depending)
for the entire trip. I would not to use a lighter bag personally. Northern New Mexico is fairly high as well. Again, a NoBo may have a different take.

re: Trail Runners

I do know of anyone who used traditional heavy boots. I believe Jim Owen uses light fabric boots (though I may be wrong).  I went through similar terrain (leftover winter snowpack) in the Sierra on the PCT in 2002.  I've also done similar type of hiking (if for shorter time) in my weekend outings in Colorado. I've used trail runners (or even running shoes).
The caveat of course is that every year is different in terms of snowpack/snowfall.  In 2006, winter came a good two weeks early.  In 2007, there was no real major snowfall in the Colorado Rockies until November! 

Hope this info helps. As I said, experienced NoBos may have a different take.


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