[Cdt-l] 2008 CDT hikers list

Lisa Campbell northerncadence at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 11:28:58 CST 2008

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone is interested in sharing information about:
- who is planning on hiking the CDT this year (name, trail name), 
- length of hike (thru-hike, section-hike), 
- which direction (nobo or sobo), 
- terminus they are planning to start from, 
- proposed start date for hiking, 
- interest in having other hikers link up to hike with them

For me, I am planning on thru-hiking the CDT this year. My name is Lisa Campbell (trail name is Cadence). Not sure yet if I'll hike northbound or southbound. I am flexible on starting and finishing dates. I am open to linking up with others to hike with.


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