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Interesting offer.....
18- 20 miles a day is about my rate, mid March to early  April would be ideal.  Most I could do would be about 20 days, IF I could work it into my schedule.  heading nobo from Mexico.....  I'd rather have someone to do that with myself. Then I would have to leave.  Maybe 300 miles up into NM ahead of the heat.  

Just letting my mind drift a bit.  

-Doug  (59 and planning for a 2011 or 2012 hike)

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  I was looking for someone to hike with for a week to 2 weeks near the end of May.  I wanted to hike in March but could not find anyone.  I was thinking about New Mexico heading North.  If I cannot find anyone this year I think I will find someone to plan the trip with me next year.  What are your thoughts.  

  I could meet up with you somewhere and hike say a week or two.  

  I am good for up to 20 miles a day.  

  I am a light wt hiker.  I have done all of WA, OR and 1/2 of CA.  

  Linda Conrad 

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