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This is a thought I never had when I got up yesterday and when I was going 
to bed the idea of hiking nobo from Mexico for 2 or 3 weeks was running 
around inside my head fir the first time.  I am thinking hard about it all 
day.  I would like to be home before May 8 it that is possible.  If we 
started hiking around April 13 or 14 that would be my three weeks.  And I 
could be home before May 8.

Were you planning on following Ley's route, CDTA or CDTS or what?  If I went 
I would like to set the route into my GPS to minimize route problems and 
maximize trail time.  I prefer to minimize road walking as much as possible. 
Jeep routes are ok, 2-tracks.  If I could make it through the Gila 
Wilderness in that amount of time I would be very much interested.  If we 
could start from say Crooks Monument and make it up to Hwy 60 would be a 
good trip for me.

Have you thought about getting to the trail's beginning?

Other questions?  I have family east of Phoenix, I"m stuck in Michigan.


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Hi Doug,
I thought I'd respond to your email as well if that's OK. If I start at the 
southern end, I would likely start mid to end of April of firsts of May and 
head northbound at a similar pace per day. How would that work for you?

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> Interesting offer.....
> 18- 20 miles a day is about my rate, mid March to early  April would be 
> ideal.  Most I could do would be about 20 days, IF I could work it into my 
> schedule.  heading nobo from Mexico.....  I'd rather have someone to do 
> that with myself. Then I would have to leave.  Maybe 300 miles up into NM 
> ahead of the heat.
> Just letting my mind drift a bit.
> -Doug  (59 and planning for a 2011 or 2012 hike)
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