[Cdt-l] Thru-Hike 08 planning, Route Choices, etc.

Patrick Beggan meta474 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 21:05:07 CST 2008

3 months or so for the whole trail is very aggressive. Good luck! I  
used Jonathan Ley's maps along with the Colorado official guidebook  
for the section I did southbound from Grand Lake and everything was  
very accurate, I had no problems with the official guidebook.

Most of the section south from Grand Lake is fairly easy, although is  
at altitude -- but at this point you should be acclimated. As long as  
you push you should be okay. I had a friend stationed at Ft. Carson  
deliver me resupply boxes, though, so I can't give you specific  
resupply advice.

Any other sections I'm not knowledgeable about, though. Hope you find  
your answers and have fun.

On Jan 24, 2008, at 9:55 PM, Scott Polewach wrote:

> I'm planning on NOBOing starting in the last week of May. I plan to  
> finish by the end of August/beginning of September. I thru-hiked the  
> AT on 06 and did a 850 mile section of the AT and the PCT in 07. I  
> plan to do another 850 mile AT section this spring so that I'm  
> prepared for the CDT. I am planning on the toughness of the CDT  
> miles to be somewhere between AT and PCT, in general. I do have  
> Yogi's guide, and my LeDorme maps, and J. Ley maps are on the way.  
> How many NOBOs actually found the Wolf guides to be useful? Most of  
> the information that I've read about mosquitoes is written by  
> southbounders. What will the biting insect situation be for someone  
> on my timeline? I plan on picking up my ice axe in Ghost Ranch, NM.  
> Would Cuba be a better place, or even earlier? Will instep crampons  
> be useful in the San Juans if If I plan on entering them around the  
> 20th of June, give or take a few days? I'm not a big hitching fan,  
> so I'm currently planning on going straight through from Grand Lake,  
> CO to Rawlings, WY. Is this 240 mile section especially tough? Most  
> importantly, I'm trying to figure out what route I want to plan on  
> taking for my CDT '08 thru attempt. I think that I'm pretty decided  
> on taking the Wolf Route through Southern NM and the San Juans  
> instead of the Creede. I don't really understand the choice that I  
> have to make between the Red Desert ant the Ferris Mountains...what  
> is the character of the hike through each area? Scenic, mileage,  
> trail condition, water, private property, etc. I also don't really  
> understand the route choices between Henry's Lake and Mack's Inn.  
> Obviously the resupply on Mack's Inn route is more convenient, but  
> what again, what is the character of each hike? For the Anaconda/ 
> Butte choice, has anyone actually hiked the Butte Route? >From what  
> I've heard, the Anaconda route makes more sense in pretty much every  
> way (shorter, easier resupply, more scenic, less ATVs, etc.) Thanks,  
> Hermes aka Scott Polewach
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