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Looks like the snow melted out at Barker Lakes Snotel (8250') today.

The CDT around Butte is free of snow. I was in the Highlands today 
and it has melted significantly since I skied there 2 weeks ago. I 
was checking out the new CDT from Highland TH to Burton Park. The CDT 
from Homestake Pass to Pipestone Pass was also completed last Thursday.

The most likely place to encounter snow on the trail around Butte is 
near the Hungry Hill Mine in the Fleecers. My wife has been working 
in the Fleecers for a couple of weeks and I can get the snow report 
from her later tonight.

I also bailed at the Leadville junction trail 227 due to snow, except 
that was in mid June, 2002.


At 05:09 PM 7/1/2008, danandgailsc at aol.com wrote:
>Gutsy and I started this year's section hike at Macdonald Pass on 
>Saturday and reached Anaconda today, ~72 mi. in the first 3.5 
>days.  I'm in the library catching up on email.  We have a dilemma 
>with snow depths we have encountered and expect to find ahead.  Now 
>we are searching for alternate plans.
>The original plan was:
>June 28, Macdonald Pass
>July 2, Anaconda
>July 8, Chief Joseph Pass
>July 14 or 15, Bannock Pass, Leadore
>July 16 fly out of Idaho Falls.  We have flight reservations.
>All of the following have been mentioned as options:
>Wait here in Anaconda for 3-4 days for snow levels to drop
>Hike local trails
>Look for lower trails or roads to bypass the divide in approximately 
>the same area as first planned.
>Hike somewhere else on the CDT--part of the section around Butte 
>(but that also has high elev, right?), or CDT or Yellowstone or elsewhere.
>We hiked as far as Leadville ( 7900') on the CDT yesterday, but 
>because of deep snow and more climbing ahead--up to 8300'.  It might 
>have been doable, but we bailed because of slow progress and fear of 
>physical injury from postholing, etc.  We backtracked to the trail 
>junction of 227 and took the Rock River Trail down to Road 82 and 
>walked it to Champion Pass.  Camped near there last night.  This 
>morning started walking at 5:45 a.m. to Four Corners and Anaconda 
>cutoff.  Friendly rancher spotted us walking across Lambert Ranch 
>(in Jonathan Ley's dotted line segment).  He stopped to say hello 
>and said nothing negative about our being there.  At Warm Springs a 
>big storm was brewing, so we stuck out a thumb and a lady in a big 
>pickup gave us a ride into Anaconda wher e we checked into a motel.
>We were walking through town to the Subway and the motel near Main 
>St., when a man ran up behind us yelling, "ARE YOU CDT HIKERS?"  He 
>works at the GM / Buick car place and invited us in to talk 
>hiking.  He is a local and plans to check out the Pintlers Saturday 
>but feels strongly that snow is still too deep.  We are the first 
>CDT hikers he has seen come through town--the dumbest to reach this 
>point so soon.
>Gutsy and Dan
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