[Cdt-l] New CDT completed near Butte

Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Tue Jul 1 23:15:39 CDT 2008

The last part of the Homestake Pass to Pipestone Pass was completed 
last Thursday. See link to HomePipe map for realignment near Pipestone Pass.

The Burton Park I Segment was completed last fall. It ends at trail 
108. The Burton Park II segment is flagged and staked west of trail 
108, but I have not investigated it. See BurtonParkI.pdf - the red 
line shows trail 108 to a dirt road that returns to the Highland Road.

The Highlands segment was also completed last fall.

There is now ~28 miles of newer trail from Homestake Pass to Burton Park.

For maps, see http://vizsolutions.com/CDTMaps/

homepipe.pdf - Homestake Pass to Pipestone Pass (9 miles)
limekiln.pdf  - first half of Highlands segment starting at Limekiln
highlands.pdf - second half of Highlands segment, ends at Highlands 
Trailhead (8 miles from Limekiln to Highlands TH)
BurtonParkI.pdf - Highlands Trailhead to Trail 108 (7 miles)

(Note the ~4 miles from Pipestone Pass to Limekiln was completed ~3 
years ago, so no new map provided)


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