[Cdt-l] waiting for feet to shrink

Rich K krichard36 at qwest.net
Wed Jul 2 13:24:30 CDT 2008

My plans got scuttled and i began on Jun 22 going North from MacDonald pass and made it to Rogers 4 days later.  Did run into snow, quite a bit  around Black  and Nevada mountains.  Broke a pole, got mighty wet but managed not to lose the trail too much.  You really got some views of the snowy mountains all around.  huge blisters
hitched out of Lincoln and finally made it back to CO to begin a SOBO out of Rawlins.  Pretty much forgone the thru hike idea!  kinda pussy!!
gonna shorten those miles as to see and live the outdoor life, realized the way I did the CO trail was my style, slower with better peace of mind.  Maybe some friends will join NOW.
Good Luck ya'll!
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