[Cdt-l] from Anaconda

Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Thu Jul 3 18:53:04 CDT 2008

At 10:11 AM 7/2/2008, danandgailsc at aol.com wrote:
>We are still in Anaconda, trying to gather enough data to continue 
>on the CDT Butte section.   We picked up the food resupply box at 
>the post office and need a little more mileage information to know 
>how much food to carry.  The plan now is to resume the hike at Four 
>Corners and probably end at Storm Lake and drop back into Anaconda.

I expect you have started hiking, but here are distances from Wolf 
(or adjusted from Wolf):

Four Corners <--> I-15 -16.5 miles
I-15 <--> I-90 - 26 miles (Wolf's route avoids hiking along Delmoe 
Lake Road, which will have quite a bit of traffic over the July 4th weekend)
I-90 <--> Hwy 2 - 9 miles
Hwy 2 <--> Interstate 15 - 25.5 miles
Interstate 15 <--> 569 / 274 - 28 miles
569 / 274 <--> Goat Flat - 23 miles
Total - 128 miles

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