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Mon Jul 7 14:57:12 CDT 2008

This is an email from Tim (Thomas) Hogeboom from a couple days ago. He started at Yellowstone and is heading south. Besides clouds of mosquitoes and raging rivers, the good news is that he's still alive! Here's the email:

I WAS able to get all the way through YNP
and the Teton Wilderness to Togwotee Lodge, but it wasn't easy.  The
uppermost ford of the Snake (in the Teton Wilderness) was doable on July
4th.  I was able to bushwhack along the north bank to avoid two other
Snake R. fords in YNP - the one that I saw (also on July 4th looked too
high to attempt.  The Heart River ford was moderately challenging, but
doable.  One other ford (notably Plateau creek in the Teton Wilderness)
was difficult (chest deep).  The Buffalo North Fork may be unfordable.  I
exited the Teton Wilderness via Turpin Meadows, where there's a bridge
over the main fork of the Buffalo.  There is still a lot of snow in the
high country.  I walked on snow that was over ten feet deep in the Teton
Wilderness.  Many trails are muddy are there are of course mosquitoes...

Feel free to relay this info to other CDT hikers, and please keep in mind
that water levels have undoubtedly changed since I went through.


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