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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Wed Jul 9 14:28:13 CDT 2008

Boy, what a nightmare! Glad to hear she's doing ok. I think many hikers 
(me included) have always feared such a thing would happen. I put some 
tape around my fuel bottle, and use the smaller bottle only for fuel 
(and only 1+ liter for water). Still, I keep it outside the tent at 
night in case I grab for a bottle only half-awake in the middle of the 
night.  Good luck with the rest of your trip!


danandgailsc at aol.com wrote:
> Gutsy is out of the hospital.  We'll be taking Greyhound bus from 
> Missoula to Butte tomorrow and get back on the CDT at Homestake.
> Dan
> Saturday--Planned on an early start to get some good miles in before afternoon 
> thunderstorms.? 5:30 a.m., going for her early morning hydration, Gutsy grabbed 
> the wrong bottle and swallowed a big gulp of Heet (methyl)!? (MISTAKES: 1) Fuel 
> bottle was?marked but?was same size and shape as water bottles;?2) fuel bottle 
> was with water bottles.)? No cell signal at the campsite. She drank 2 liters of 
> water and ate a Clif bar.? Hastily packed everything and started walking to the 
> campground entrance up the hill.? Got cell signal near top of hill and called 
> 911.? Jefferson County sent ambulance and they took us to Butte hospital.? Butte 
> hospital treated her with vodka and raised blood alcohol to .1, then?rushed her 
> by Life Flight plane to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, MT because?they 
> are?better equipped for this.? They weighed our packs (19.7 lbs. and 23.5 lbs.) 
> and asked my weight (145 lbs.)?before deciding we could accompany her on the 
> plane.? She has not suffered any bad sympt
>  oms, but based on estimated ingestion of 4 oz., "she might not have made it."? 
> Symptoms are typically delayed.? She considered choosing hiking over taking 
> the?ambulance ride, but at their urging decided to play it safe.
> She?is stable and alert, but will?be in the hospital for a few days to get all 
> the bad stuff out of her system.? We are so thankful for circumstances and 
> people who helped her get quick medical attention--our location, cell phone and 
> signal, emergency services, etc.? 
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