[Cdt-l] mountain lions and wolves

Neal Leavitt leavittn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 14:00:12 CDT 2008

Hello All,

When I went through southern New Mexico in June, I received an earful
from folks about wolves and mountain lions...

One rancher told me that he lost "30 %" of his calves from wolves in
the past year.  He was also convinced that the EPA was engaged in a
plot to push all New Mexicans off of their ranches through the Mexican
Grey Wolf program...The librarian in Reserve was convinced that wolves
were a threat...the owner of the Rode Inn told me she felt they should
be removed...and a ranger in the Gila said wolves with collars were
disappearing, collar and all; they had a $10,000 reward posted for
information leading to the arrest of a person who had harmed a wolf.

It seems that public opinion (or some large part of it) in New Mexico
(and the rest of the CDT?) is permanently hostile to wolves, mountain
lions etc...I can't imagine what would happen if there was an attempt
to introduce Grizzly Bears back into the Gila.

I feel very bad for the man killed by the mountain lion and his
family...and I feel bad for the animals.  Everyone loses when this

As for me, I saw either a wolf or a coyote north of Snow Lake.  It was
trailing some dear that had passed by a minute earlier.  When it saw
me, it fled.  If anyone can help with identifying it I would really
appreciate it - I was able to get one photo, albeit at a good


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