[Cdt-l] Gutsy and Dan back in Anaconda

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Sat Jul 12 16:31:22 CDT 2008

Gail is doing fine, with no noticeable effects of the fuel.

Jeff met us at the Greyhound bus station Monday and dropped us off at Homestake Pass.? We camped at Limekiln Spring.

Tuesday--camped 6 miles beyond I-15.

Wednesday--camped about 1 mile west of highway 274.

Thursday--camped at Upper Seymour Lake after?turning around at the same spot as Minimart--on the switchbacks above Upper Seymour Lake. The lake?was a beautiful spot, and we lingered there until 12:30 p.m. Friday.?Typically our day begins by 6 a.m. to take advantage of cool morning temps.? We saw?Minimart's note in the registration box at Lower Seymour Lake on the way out yesterday.

On Friday we hiked from Upper Seymour Lake to near Mule Ranch Vista. 

Today, Saturday, we awoke to cool temperatures,?just below the freezing mark.? We hiked 10 miles on highway 274 towards Anaconda before being picked up by a hiker in his pickup. Can't remember his name but he gave us his card. He knows LetItBe and Simply Seeking. Tonight we are in the Marcus Daly Motel in Anaconda. 

The plan is to stay in a hotel in Butte Sunday night and catch the 7 a.m. Greyhound to Idaho Falls on Monday. Monday and Tuesday nights we will be in Idaho Falls. Wednesday we catch a 6 a.m. flight to Rapid City, SD. We still don't have a plan for getting from Anaconda to Butte tomorrow, but we'll ask around.

We'll visit Mt. Rushmore, Harney Peak (SD highpoint), and spend a couple of days in Broadus with our oldest son and his family (with wife and 3 granddaughters) before heading home.? 

This year's section hike has been so off and on, unlike last year's section hike that went like clockwork.? But we were able to hike from Macdonald Pass to Upper Seymour Lake, and are happy about that.? Thank you?to all who contacted us with your thoughts and concerns.

Dan and Gutsy
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