[Cdt-l] wolves in yellowstone

Neal Leavitt leavittn at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 14:23:02 CDT 2008

Hello All,

Thought folks might be interested in this:


Grey Wolves in Yellowstone have just been put back on the endangered
species list by a federal judge.

Brett and Jonathan and Nocona; thanks for the feedback and links you
posted earlier.

I have heard many people speak about the need to create "negative
experiences" for animals when there is a high possibility of
human/animal encounters or cattle/animal encounters.  As an example,
one friend mentioned shooting animals with bean bags when they start
to linger around campsites and/or suburban homes.  Another example
would be a mock hunt.  In this way, wolves lions and bears would again
fear people and avoid them etc. etc.

I am curious about what people think about this kind of approach
(Something like this approach is used in Glacier to deal with
Grizzlies, yes?).  Is this also the right way to go with reintroduced

Hope all is well on the trails!


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