[Cdt-l] rawlins or laramie from Denver

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue Jul 29 23:29:14 CDT 2008

I think you outlined the options pretty clearly... Though, you can 
probably get off the bus near Walcott & hitch south on Hwy 130 - 
provided you had a cooperative driver. It really will depend on 
what/where you want to go. Another option is to take the bus to Rawlins 
& just hike the CDT to and through Battle Pass (skipping Encampment, or 
hitching down). Or, if you're heading north, just start at Rawlins. It 
would add or remove a few days from your travels... The section from 
Encampment to Rawlins isn't the most glorious section, but it's all part 
of the same "path".


soulas cyrille wrote:
> hello,
> i still wonder what is the best option from Denver to get to the WY/CO 
> border.
> i can take a greyhound bus from Denver to Rawlins, then hitchike 100 
> miles to Encapment where i would start.
> option N°2 is to take the bus to Laramie, cheaper and shorter ride, 
> the it's about 90 miles to Encapment.
> As i live in france, i'm not familiar with is the easiest way to get 
> to Encapment or even closer to the border.
> Advice welcome!
> thanks
> french bob
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