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Thu Jun 5 16:07:54 CDT 2008


The Walking Carrot and I are planning on hiking the "northern half" (more or less) of the CDT this summer.  We plan on leaving Waterton on July 1st (+/1 a day) and going south the Rawlins Wyoming.  I've noticed several other hikers have intentions to leave in the week or two before us (and probably be hiking faster) so we may never meet up - but look forward to meeting others out there.

On our last long distance hike (the PCT in 2004) I used a "pocket mail" device.  My inclination is to activate that service again. I am curios about others who have hiked the CDT - if there were ample enough opportunities to use pocketmail - if the 4 year old device is still sufficient? Their website doesn't show a current model that looks all that different from the one I used 4 years ago.  I seem to recall a year or two back that there was rumour of pocketmail going out of biz or suspending service.  Again it looks like from their website that they are still in biz, and from the plethora of journals out their still for the PCT and CDT, hikers are doing "something".  But, before I order, I thought i would check in with experienced CDT hikers about their experience with Pocketmail.  Any responses are appreciated.  Thanks,

Phil Hough aka "nowhere man"

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