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Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 6 13:26:34 CDT 2008

>>Perhaps you meant to say the 'advantage'?  Otherwise I'm not following
>>your rationale, Mags.

Perhaps I should have put "disadvantage" in quotes.

An acoustic coupler modem is very slow. It does not do photos. It is e-mail only.  Throw in increased WiFi access in most areas, and it is  why Pocketmail is having financial difficulties at times. Less and less people want to use this antiquated technology (It was mainly RVers who used this technology in the past. Many RVers now have laptops, many RV parks offer WiFi. A big pocketmail market went away).

But this "disadvantage" makes it a plus for hikers who have trouble getting a wireless connection in the rather remote towns the CDT passes through. Pay phones, though going away, still exist more so in rural/remote areas. And most motels have land lines in the room.

So this old technology, though a "disadvantage", makes it work quite well in the remote, out-of-the-way areas, we tend to hike into. 

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