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what I have read, PM is on the way out, meaning I read that they are
discontinuing their service.  You should read their web site carefully
before buying into the plan.  
Too bad.  It's understandable in today's technology market, but it
is still a great tool for hikers.  I used one last year.  The only
disadvantage I found is that with many of the newer digital pay phones,
it would not connect or transfer data.  Also, it's getting harder to
find pay phones in general.

(Nocona sent this e-mail to me directly..but I think she meant to share the e-mail with all of CDT-L)

All good points.  I'd double check their financial health, too. The company may be here NOW...at the end of the year or 2009? Who knows.

I will also say that it is mainly older pay phones off on the CDT corridor and that in the older motels we tend to stay in, there are analog phones in the room you can still use.
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