[Cdt-l] BenchMark Mystery

R Smith ronyon at comcast.net
Sun Jun 8 19:15:38 CDT 2008

Hmmm...your remarks below make me feel uncomfortable about the Benchmark
drop. Think I'll send food, but no maps or Jim Wolf pages. I can use Augusta
as a backup for the food.
I just mailed Beverly my $25 to her PO box, will let you know if it gets

    The BenchMark Mystery
  We mailed our check 3 weeks ago ( they have not received it ) to the  PO
Box 190. ( As was advised in the Yogi book )
  I just called Beverly  at 406-562-3336 to ask which address (among three)
should i send our box to.
  Benchmark Road # 1, Augusta, Mt
  422 county Line Road C/o Darwin or Shellie Heckman ( we got this address
and heads up off of the CDT - L )
  Po Box 190, Augusta, Mt 
  Beverly assured us to send our UPS package it to the PO Box 190 address (I
didn't think that Ups delivered to PO Boxes? )  - she said she's been doing
this for 30 years,and doesn't understand what the confusion is.  She also,
of course, can't find our check soo naturally,...... We are CONFUSED?!?!
  Any one have any solid information about this? 
  One Box, Two Box, Here and Box, There a Box, Where's your Box? 
  Thanks, Jeff, Debi and Matt

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