[Cdt-l] PocketMail Replacement

Philip Hough nowhere_man97 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 17:25:53 CDT 2008

Thanks to all who took the time to respond to my pocket mail question, particularly to Nocona and Mags who offered some good insights.I looked very closely at Pocketmail's website.  Here is what I did and did not find.  I didn't find any obvious reference to the possibility of discontinuing their service.  No surprise. Thinking that the "fine print" my give some insights I tried but could not find a way to view their "terms and conditions" without beginning the "ordering process".  OK, so I started to order one just to get info......there was no way to select a service plan on its own (without ordering a device) hmmmm......I don't need the device, just the plan......SO, I tried to order the device.....they are all "out of stock" or went to "error" pages.....My conclusion is that PocketMail HAS gone out of service, or at least closed down their website operations, which would not be a way to encourage sales........This leaves me with two new questions:1)  Is ANYONE on this list currently using Pocket Mail?2) If you did not use pocket mail on your CDT hike, what did you do for email and/or online journals?  I imagine there will be some limited opportunities for internet access, probably in the larger trail towns that are in hitching distance, but is there a better way than searching out the public libraries or motels/hostels that have a computer and internet?  I am looking into services which take voice over the phone and convert it into written email text.  "Jott" is one of these, but you need to register the phone number, so a cell phone would work better than random phones - what is the Cell coverage like?  Does anyone have any experience with this, or any other suggestions and/or any insights?Thanks!PhilPhil Hough aka Nowhere ManPO Box 393
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