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When I went through that section I used a Ursack food bag and odor barrier zip lock bags and never had any problems.  
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        That's also a tough section, aside from being long.  A few big passes (snowy for sobos, at least).  Lots of fords and downed trees.  Some route-finding/bushwhacking through the Scapegoat.  Also, you have to hang all your food religously (grizzly country).  We found out how hard it is to get a 15 pound food bag counterbalance in a tree!

        However, it is really not as tough as the High Sierra.  So, if you are one of those strong PCT vets who hiked from K. Meadows through to Red's Meadow without a resupply, you would be better off to just skip Benchmark/Augusta.  


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Most thru-hikers don't like to pack more than 5-6 days of food, because of
the weight. Plus, their packs aren't designed for it. Benchmark, if it
out, is a good opportunity to break up the ~175-180 miles between East
Glacier & Lincoln without losing much time. Without Benchmark, Augusta
becomes an almost-necessary hitch.  -Ron

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I have hiked from East Glacier to Lincoln with a couple of ladies and we
used the Benchmark Ranch. But from Benchmark down to Lincoln was like only 4
days if I remember correctly.  Why not just pack a little more food and just
skip Benchmark?  It would save some time, too.  

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