[Cdt-l] Replying to CDT-L Messages

samh at samh.net samh at samh.net
Thu Jun 12 07:39:54 CDT 2008

Hey Everybody,

Just a reminder that when you're replying to messages on the CDT-L
remember to delete all the extra words in your message that aren't a
necessary part of what you're replying to.  The best way to reply to a
CDT-L message would be like this.  Start your message with just enough
quoted text so that folks know what you're replying with an answer
about and then post your answer below that being sure to delete the
hundreds of other lines of text that often get forwarded along with
these messages.

Start by quoting a bit of text:
> ...question about hiking the Bob Wilderness in Spring.  What kind of shoes to wear?...

Then follow it with your answer:
Well, Steve I personally prefer lightweight, well-draining trail
shoes... etc etc

This will help keep the CDT-L much easier to read for those of us who
receive the digest version of it.

Sam H

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