[Cdt-l] more on Benchmark

R Smith ronyon at comcast.net
Thu Jun 12 22:15:23 CDT 2008

I called Beverly Heckman today to see if my $25 check had arrived, also to
try to clear up some of our confusion about Benchmark mailing addresses. She
is a very pleasant person. Beverly said she thinks my check arrived, but
didn't go look. She said if I sent it she wasn't worried. I mentioned the
check from Jeff, Debi, and Matt, she said it finally arrived. I got the
impression that the $25 wasn't her top priority, that she enjoys helping us

I mentioned the confusion everyone was having about mailing addresses.
Beverly said send the packgage UPS and use this address (which is sort of a
combination of the other Augusta addresses):

c/o Benchmark Wilderness Ranch
Benchmark Rd #1
PO Box 190
Augusta, MT 59410

Beverly also asked that besides writing the ETA on the box, to also write
your support person's phone# in case you don't show up, so she can contact

Actually, I think whatever Augusta address you use will work, since the town
is so small. I asked about the Fairfield address (which I believe is where
the owners & obviously her relatives live), she said you could send it
there, but Augusta is closer to the ranch. If you are unsure about Beverly
handling things, you might consider dealing with Shellie Heckman instead.


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