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Thanks for the comments.  
As a member of the Backpacker team north of Cuba, I'll say that a lot is changing, and Backpacker made a reasonable effort to supply us with the latest route.  Also, CDTA seemed to be putting as much new trail into service as possible.  I know from my experience and from the blogs of the other teams, that a lot of the route was ust streamers in the filed.  So, there will be lots of changes in NM for those who hiked the trail even in the recent past.  
As a future CDT hiker I say thanks for your info... keep it coming.  I will take 3 different routes just in my little 40 mile section.  1)  I will not try to follow faded streamers if the new trail is not better defined. I will try harder to find a new trail that I know they have made, 3) Finally, I will do a cross country route from Circle A Ranch (NOBO) to avoid a road walk.  I am more concerned about taking a good route than the officaila route.  
Rambler> Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 00:08:12 -0500> From: Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com>> Subject: Re: [Cdt-l] FW: Backpacker Magazine and CDT> To: Bruce Ward <bruce at cdtrail.org>, <cdt-l at backcountry.net>> Message-ID: <BAY115-W28E561D54D47546DA0A74BA0130 at phx.gbl>> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"> > > Interesting - > > A few comments - > 1. The BLM realignment took place in 2005 - we hiked it in 2006 and the first 40 miles were > marked by 6"x8" white signs - starting at the border. The only necessary cross-country > in this section was from Old Hachita to NM 9. > 2. The directions to the trailhead will likely get one very lost - they're REALLY inadequate. > 3. ". Head N on jeep track along barbed-wire international border fence" ???? Say what? - the trail > heads directly away from the border along the road you just drove in on. Unless one is following > a different trail that the one the BLM signed. > 4. "NM005: Keep L on jeep track; R goes to Sheridan Tank (unreliable water)" Really??? > The only way to do that is to be following the "guidebook" route - and that ain't the CDT - hasn't > been since August 2005. Unless this has changed drastically (and that IS possible) the Sheridan > Canyon water cannot be termed "unreliable" by any stretch of the imagination. > 5. "Cross through barbed-wire fence " Really??? If they were on the marked trail there wouldn't > be any barbed wire fences to cross in this area. > 6. "We missed this turn and hiked the road up near the old Hachita mining district." This is the > old jeep road that the rerouted CDT follows. > 7. "If you take a L, you'll get worthy 2-mile round-trip hike to the ghost town of Old Hachita"> I believe Old Hachita is private property and closed to hikers - which is the reason why the trail> leaves the old jeep road that parallels the ridge and heads north. > 8. "Here we met back up with the CDT signs " Gotta wonder how they missed following the > CDT signs all the way from the border. > 9. There isn't a single mention of water sources - neither verbal nor GPS location information. > Much less water quality information. > > I think they followed the "guidebook" route and totally missed the fact that the trail > had been rerouted. Which is utterly amazing since the signs for the reroute start at the border > and were obvious to the most casual obaserver all the way to Old Hachita. > > What makes this even more amazing is that they did this in conjuntion with CDTA - and it was CDTA > that supplied the basic information that we used to make the decision to hike that route in 2006. > Gotta wonder why CDTA didn't give them the same information that we were given. > > Bottom line - this mess would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. > > If you want "real" information try here: http://spiriteaglehome.com/bootheel.html> > Notice that the FIRST photo is taken AT THE BORDER and clearly shows the FIRST CDT marker > directly behind the Crazy Cook Monument. Follow the signs. > > Walk softly,> Jimhttp://www.spiriteaglehome.com/> 
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