[Cdt-l] Wolverine's Databook

Adam Bradley tooloouk79852 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 21:51:56 CDT 2008

I tried to send this email when the cdtl seemed to be
down a while back:

Any body ever make a homemade data book for the CDT
they are willing to share.  For example water data,
town data, landmark...  Kind of in the PCT or AT data
book fashion.  Willing to share?

Just curious if one existed.

Having read this discussion below I thought I would
ask and of course could be contacted off list.  I
would only use the data book for personal use.

cdt 08
--- Caryl Bergeron <caryl_bergeron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Wolverine,
> If you are planning to distribute a databook to the
> hiking community based upon the CDTS guidebooks
> you'd better ask permission from Jim Wolf first.  It
> is copyrighted material.  We prepared a similar
> databook last summer that has the same information
> you're planning to include plus our own 2007
> observations for both northbound and southbound
> hikers.  Jim has, understandably, been very
> reluctant to allow us to distribute it.  We are
> still talking to him about having him include it in
> his future guidebooks as a supplement, appendix, or
> some other resource.
> Caryl
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