[Cdt-l] Wolverine's data book

lwgear at juno.com lwgear at juno.com
Fri Mar 14 13:09:43 CDT 2008

My hope is that Wolverine...or anyone with similar motivation...will manage to assemble this data book before this year's hiking season is well underway. There's such a need. I personally am overwhelmed with the reams of random and ever-changing information floating around. Add to that Jim's guidebooks that northbounders sometimes have to "flip" in order to use and it all adds up to a situation that dissuades all but the most determined. I suppose there's a way to transpose basic trail information without violating copyrights, isn't there? 
If anyone else has undertaken this daunting project, could you please let me know how to obtain a copy? Meanwhile, I'm holding my breath for Wolverine.
later--lynne whelden
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