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Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 17:41:49 CDT 2008

Well actually, I see a data book as simply another way of viewing and planning for a hike, along with maps, guides and various other bits of information. 
  I wouldn't see it as 'nailing the CDT to a single track trail'  at all - it would just help me with planning and, once I had annotated or changed parts with my personal plans, it would be useful on the hike itself. 
  The CDT has as many variants as hikers and a good thing too-  a databook would not define my hike just help inform it.  
  I stand by the statement- 'I guess if some folks aren't keen on the data book then they simply don't have to look at it' - thats not inconsistent or irelevant.
  brian wrote:

  >sounds like a good idea. I would be keen to use a data book if it ever became available- 
  >indeed I have started working on one of of my own for our hoped for 2009 trip on the CDT.
  Great idea - the only way to "hike your own hike" is to determine where YOU want to go 
  and then put the time and energy into the research to make it happen.  
  >I guess if some folks aren't keen on the data book then they simply don't have to look at it! 
  >The same as for any other aids such as GPS, altimeters >etc
  Sorry but that statement is logically inconsistent and irelevant - it's a copout that's been used 
  for a lot of years in more contexts than you can imagine.  And it's never been true.  
  So - which data book would you use?  One for Jim Wolf's route - or for the "official" CDT - or 
  some other route?  If I gave you the "data book" for our 2006 hike how would you know whether 
  it was a trail you'd want to hike?  You wouldn't even WANT the "data book" for our '99 hike - the 
  trail  has experienced massive changes since then.  Would you even know which route it would 
  be for if YOU didn't do the research?  
  And then - why would you want to hike someone elses hike?  That IS what you're saying would be 
  desirable - the generation of a BOOK that would nail the CDT to a single track trail - and would very 
  very shortly lead to a CDT version of "purity".  
  >A quick question Caryl. Is this databook the same one as the one from 'wolverine' in the last few 
  >weeks, or is it a different one ?
  You made my point.  
  Have a good day anyway,

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