[Cdt-l] Flip-Flop Ideas for NOBO and Deep Snows

Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Tue Mar 18 22:44:15 CDT 2008

Don't know where you will first hit snow, but you will obviously hit 
it in Colorado near Cumbres Pass.

I like your idea of heading south from South Pass City. That would 
give it a couple of weeks to melt in northern Colorado where there is 
closer to average snowpack. Heading directly to Butte is not going to 
save you from much snow. You will be in the Pintlers pretty quick. 
Starting a little further north out of Helena might help some, but it 
is still likely you will hit some snow (I did in early June 2002 and 
it was a drier year).

Rawlins is an ideal starting point if you take the bus. The bus stop 
is just a few blocks from the "trail". This keeps it simple, you get 
off and head south to New Mexico. Then return to Rawlins bus stop and 
start walking north to Canada.

Now the real reason for the email - If you or anyone else is 
interested, I want to hike the South Pass City to Rawlins segment 
this June and we could possibly work out a shuttle which would allow 
you to complete the trail south of South Pass City instead of 
Rawlins. If someone is really interested in jumping around, I will be 
headed to back to Butte afterwards where the trail should mostly be 
free of snow if you head from Butte north to Canada.

If anyone ends up hiking north of Rawlins in early to mid June and 
wants to work out some rides/shuttles feel free to email me directly.

I am also available to help with rides in the Butte area if you skip 
the Anaconda cutoff.


At 02:44 PM 3/18/2008, Bruce L. Nelson wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>Looking at the most recent information it looks like deep snow in 
>northern NM and southern CO: 
>I still plan to hike NOBO, starting in late April at Columbus, 
>because I want a longer hiking season to work with. I am willing to 
>be extremely flexible, but definitely want to finish northbound at 
>the Canadian border.
>Given the latest snow information, where am I likely to hit the 
>first hit deep snow?
>Will the deep snows likely result in deep water on the Gila River 
>route at that time of year?
>If I temporarily skip a section of trail, what suggestions do people 
>have for another long section, or sections, I can do while waiting 
>for the deeper snows down south to melt? For example, if I head up 
>to South Pass and hike south, how likely is it the deep snow will 
>have mostly melted by the time I get to where it was?
>How about skipping much farther north, say to the Butte area, then 
>heading south?
>I've done enough post-holing in my life to know that I want to avoid 
>post-holing, so any other sensible options people can think of, I'd 
>like to hear them!
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